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Business Value and Data Insights multiplied by the cloud.

Customer demands, increased competition and the pressure to grow - it never stops and along the way your systems and processes just can’t keep up. More than ever, businesses look to their core functional leaders such as Finance, HR and Legal to deliver and adapt quickly in this ever-changing environment.

That’s where we come in.  We are Tech Multiplier, an organization dedicated to those Functional Leaders who are tired of being shackled by legacy systems and instead want to address these challenges head-on.  We are specialists in delivering reliable, scalable solutions for legal, human resources and finance.  Solutions like accounting period-end process optimization, modern employee experiences, as well as eliminating waste and reducing legal costs. We help to avoid the headaches and manual labor associated with key functional processes such as the financial close, reconciliations, intercompany settlements, journal entries, employee onboarding and more. Our solutions empower your people to move beyond just reporting results – they can become true business advisors with deep data insights. Tech Multiplier delivers these solutions powered by one of the largest cloud-based software platforms on the market today. 


Free your mind – eliminate manual data entry, stop repeating the same tasks month after month and work with a partner that can take you to the next level of cloud automation – Tech Multiplier.  Business Value and Data Insights multiplied by the cloud.

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